At Last – SUN!!

It had been a long, rainy week.  The forecast was for sun and light winds.  Halla-frickin’-aluyah!

We had Dianne Kelleher, Bill Low, Alan Hicks and LD along with Pete as crew.  Pat is under the weather and we all wish she gets well soon.

We drove around the cape early to test conditions and decided going south would be best.  It would be low tide as we left so we wouldn’t even have to wait for the Blynman Bridge to open for us.

I chose the first site – Bemo Ledge, a.k.a. The Silo.  We named it because Bemo Ledge is nearby and the home on the the nearest point of land has a large three story structure on their property that reminds this Midwestern girl of a grain silo.  Hence, The Silo.

The Silo

Here is a Google Earth image of The Silo from above.

The visibility was 30 feet and the water was 52 degrees.  There was a strong current from the incoming tide.  That’s unusual for this place.  Everyone managed to dive successfully and we motored up the coast just a little for the second dive.

I chose the Stone Garage as the site because it was still in the vicinity of the first site and probably had similar conditions.  I was wrong.  Here the visibility was only about 10 feet over the kelp.  However, if you got over a sandy patch it cleared up considerably to over 15 feet.

LD took his camera in and captured these two fellows/gals eyeballing each other:

Two Hermit Crabs

Two Hermit Crabs

I didn’t mind the lower visibility and had fun swimming up and down the rock channels that run parallel to shore.  I also marveled at the smooth, flowing edges of some of the pink coraline algae-covered ones.

The trip home was at high tide so we had to wait for the Blynman this time.


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