We had a surprise current at today’s dive site – the wreck of the USF New Hampshire.

How many times have we been there? Many, many.

How often has there been a rippin’ current?  NEVER.

I think the problem was that I tied up to the new buoy that I thought was marking the site and it was outside the protection of Graves Island.  I usually moor just west of the island and have people swim over to the wreck.  Today was so still and calm that I thought anchoring via the buoy would give people a shorter and safer swim because it would be straight down into wreckage.  That didn’t happen.

As we watched Bill Low jump in, he quickly was pulled behind the boat, even before he had a chance to grab the downline.  Vinny and Veronica were able to jump closer to it, but we soon saw their bubbles and then their heads several boat lengths behind us.  Not a good sign.

With considerable effort they powered back to the boat and we collected Bill when he surfaced to check his location.  We weren’t going to stay in that location if everyone would drift away from the wreck so quickly.

I just motored about a football field’s length over to the rocky island and Dianne dropped the anchor for me right next to it.  Everyone was still suited up from the first dunking, so they were quick to jump in.

Pete reported the visibility was marginal – 5 to 10 feet.  The water temp was in the low 50s.  Dianne Kelleher, Vinny E. from the Northshore Frogmen, Bill Low, LD, and Veronica Atlantis circled wreckage below the boat.  Vinny returned with a great folded piece of copper with a nail still in it.  LD found an unusual fish bone that was long and pointed with bumpy little protrusions on one end.  Pete scootered around the site.  The Captain worked with his camera on the sandy bottom.

Although the anchor became hooked when we tried to retrieve it, LD saved the day by getting suited up again and diving for it.

Thanks, LD!

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  1. Veronica Says:

    Yup, LD saved the day! 😛

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