Hey. Wait. What Did You Do With the Sun?

It was supposed to be sunny.  Not necessarily warm, but the sun was supposed to be shining.

At 8 AM it was.  I slathered on the sun screen as I looked out the window into a clear, cool, bright morning.

By 10 AM the east wind had blown clouds all over the place.

We were hard-pressed to find somewhere diveable.  I took a chance on Graves Island:

Graves Island from the Air

Graves Island from the Air

We had Linsley and Kevin Mordasky, Linda and Kerry Hurd, Alan Hicks and Pat M., an instructor candidate.  With Pat and Pete as crew, The Captain and I were in good hands.

Everyone was so capable, we had no trouble at all once Pat dropped the anchor in 26 feet behind Graves in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  I had pulled far into the shelter of the island, away from the surge over the wreck of the USF NH,  to maximize the potential for good visibility.  Another dive boat – Last Reel out of Danvers – soon followed and anchored just a little way away.

The visibility was MUCH better than last week.  The water temperature was 52 degrees.  The air temp was in the upper 50s.  The winds were less that 15 knots because I didn’t see any whitecaps on the trip down the coast.

Everyone lined up to get wet and I donned Pete’s extra DUI dry suit while my Atlan’s zipper is being replaced by Margaret at United Divers in Somerville.

I videoed a crab inside the empty carapace of a much bigger crab.  Maybe he was just cleaning up the leavings.

I also found tiny silver bubbles of O2 in the fronds of sea weed on an abandoned lobster float line.  Click on the picture to embiggen, then click the little + icon to make it even bigger:

Silver Bubbles

Silver Bubbles

On our second dive, I shot a crab scratching its back on a rock.  It was completely oblivious as I inched closer and closer.  Moving around, it managed to retract its eye stalks to scratch the shell around them.  I hope the sequence is something The Captain thinks is worthy of this years movie.

The trip back was slow to keep from pounding into the waves and getting everyone wet.

The sun never came out again until we returned to the condo.

Great.  Thanks for getting back to us, you slacker, you.

One Response to “Hey. Wait. What Did You Do With the Sun?”

  1. Veronica Says:

    I was wondering how you all did. Yes, it was warm and sunny in the morning but by noon the skies got dark and the temp dropped. The wind picked up and it was freezing (up at Portsmouth, NH)

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