It was supposed to be a repeat of yesterday’s weather along the coast, but it wasn’t.  The day broke with full sun and it stayed that way.

We had Alex F. with his buddy, Bob, and Bill Low today.  Pete was crew.  I drove and docked today with Pete’s assistance on the latter.  The Captain was videoing.

We found relatively flat and almost clear water at the Lobster Pool restaurant’s front yard at the mouth of Folly Cove.  I anchored in 40 feet of 54 degree water.  Visibility varied all over the place.  If you went in towards shore, it got clearer and warmer – 57 degrees.

Here’s a photo of Alex and Bob at about 30 feet near the wall:

Alex and Bob at the Wall

Alex and Bob at the Wall

Pete reported seeing one pollack, three cunner and a flounder that he put his hand on by mistake.  It shot away, unharmed.

I saw fish swimming near the wall but darting back into its greenery when divers went by.  I watched them reappear when the bubbles cleared.

We made both dives at this site because the weather conditions had messed up everything else.

It was a good day with warmth and a cool breeze to boot.


One Response to “Reprieve”

  1. Veronica Says:

    That is a really nice dive spot. You made a good call to just do both dives there!

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