Rain, Rain Went Away

We were suffering last week with high 90s and last night the cold front came through and broke the heat with rain.  This morning, our drive around was peppered with raindrops, but the water looked smooth everywhere.  We could have made the dive anywhere.  The forecast was for the rain to pass on by with sun to folllow. I chose to go to The Silo, just beside Bemo Ledge on the Back Shore.

We had Patrick M., Trevor O., LD and JK on board, with Veronica Atlantis and Pete as Crew.  The Captain was in full-on teaching mode with the Dive Patrol instructor candidate, Patrick.  Pete dived with Trevor who was getting his Scuba Diver Certification today.  I drove the boat and got to pick the sites.

The first dive was in 25 feet of very clear, warm-ish water.  Pete recorded 66 degrees on the surface as he swam back to the boat, with 59 degrees on the bottom.  Visibility was between 15 and 20 feet, depending on whether you were behind the lobster hunters or not.

I moved the boat, but not very far, for the second dive.  Again the visibility was great, and the water warm, except on the very bottom where the incoming tide created a thermocline of super clear coldness.

There were successful hunters.  There was interesting video shot.  The explorers were happy to have such great conditions when the morning outlook had been so grim.

It even ended with an almost flat ramp for schlepping the gear to our cars.  Hooray!

One Response to “Rain, Rain Went Away”

  1. Veronica Says:

    It was a great day!

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