Surge-y but Sunny

We had the remnants of Tropical Storm Debbie visit our south-facing shore today.  That was paired with a brisk west wind.

After driving around, we settled for a trip south and around the breakwater for the Back Shore.

I picked the Flag Pole of the Atlantis Motor Inn as the first site.

We had LD with Pete and Pat as crew.  The Captain made plans.  I drove the boat.

Per instructions, Pete and I tried to get some footage of his passing directly over my head without any of my bubbles in the frame.  There was considerable surge on the bottom at 20 feet, so I had trouble getting rock steady.  His scooter was running out of juice, so it was going slower and slower.  Here’s a frame grab of the footage I got:

Pete on His Scooter

Pete on His Scooter

The visibility was better over at over 20 feet when I descended to a deeper, sandy part of the bottom, but it was 54 degrees there.  It was 57 under the boat.

LD had hunting success, despite the conditions.

For the second dive, we entered Brace Cove.  If we had hoped to escape the surge, we were disappointed.  It was a little better on the surface, but the bottom still had issues.

I docked the boat in a reverse wind.  WooHoo!

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