Two Hours to the Dive Site?


To avoid the surge on the south side of the cape, we traveled up the Annisquam River to Essex Bay.  I  had hoped to go over the top to Cathedral Rocks.  I should have realized that was doomed when I got caught in a cross wind exiting the finger dock.

Thanks to LD, Veronica, Pete, and The Captain, I was able to back down the dock area to calmer water and get the nose into the wind.  But it was a close call.  All the owners of the boats across from us were on their bows to fend us off.  Sheesh!  What a way to start the trip!

As we puttered up the river, I could feel the breeze freshening from the northwest.  Wouldn’t ya know?  That’s a rotten direction for a passage over the exposed northern face of Cape Ann.  There were standing waves just past the Annisquam Yacht Club docks from the outgoing tide and the on shore wind.

As I passed the last mark in the river and turned to the northeast, I could feel the waves starting to hit our stern quarter.  The further I got away from the shelter of Coffin and Crane’s beaches, the worse the wind felt.  It was only going to get worse as I got closer to Halibut Point.  So I turned us around to go back down the river and take our changes with the protected options on the south side.

Two hours after we left the dock, we anchored in 25 feet of 57 degree water at the western edge of Magnolia Harbor.  Visibility was not that great at about 10 feet.  I just about landed on these squid eggs:

Squid Eggs at Magnolia Harbor

Squid Eggs at Magnolia Harbor

Veronica pointed out another bunch closer to the boat.  I saw a third group just a little way away.  They were about the size of a lobster pot’s buoy.

Pete and I tried the overhead shot of the passing scooter again.  Hard to keep him in sight in limited visibility.

At the end of the dive, he and I found a big, fat flounder in a clump of weeds and I motioned to him that I wanted him to try to catch it in his lobster bag without any holes.  He got the message and managed to make the catch.  The video will attest to his success.

We decided to be one-and-done because the wind wasn’t slacking even though there was supposed to be an afternoon sea breeze from the south.  ( later confirmed that there were gusts to 23 knots from the NW around noon.)

With the help of everyone, I made it back into the slip with ropes and shouted instructions from everyone in pants.

At least we got wet.

Wednesday is July 4th.  We’re going out again then with high hopes.

One Response to “Two Hours to the Dive Site?”

  1. Veronica Says:

    It was a wicked hot summer day. Who would’ve thought the wind would have been such a problem (!)

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