A Field of Stars

Sea stars that is.

We were anchored just off Tide Rock in Lanesville with LD, Pete and Pat.

There was videoing and hunting going on.

As I dropped into the 35 feet of c-o-l-d water, I came upon an unbroken field of slanting, flat rock that was carpeted with little mussels.  Therefore, it also had a host of sea stars feasting on them.  The sea stars were of mostly the same size, and evenly distributed across my horizon.  The Captain also noticed several teeny urchins in the same area.

Although it had rained heavily as we awoke, Channel 5’s meteorologists were right in saying that it would brighten by 10 AM and the sun would come out by noonish.

We were just about the only boat on the north shore of Cape Ann today.

Pete registered 57 degrees on the bottom, but it felt lots colder than that to me.  The Captain complained of “not an ice cream headache, but a cold temple” where his hood gapped away from his head.

I watched a sea vase open its ports very slowly after I had disturbed it.

There were a few lonely pollack and a black ray that all of us saw.

I watched another crab scratch its back against a rock, but he didn’t want to do it for my camera and just ran away as I started to shoot.  Who knew crabs were camera shy?

A cookout at Pete’s with hoards of family members as well as LD and Dianne Kelleher and Bill Low was the culmination of a great mid-week holiday.

2 Responses to “A Field of Stars”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Believe it or not the water temp was much warmer in Rye, NH than in Gloucester. I ran in the water without even doing the “ankle test” and it was not God awful cold.(I had to beat my brother in the water first, you know!)
    Lanesville? Any dogfish?

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