Today we went to Thacher Island with Pete and Pat and LD.  It was cloudy and little drips of rain were splatting on the windshield as we powered up the Back Shore.  It was also muggy and sticky ashore, but on the water, it was cooler and crisper.

I dropped the hook in about 25 feet of water just beside the “dead” light on the north end of the island.  Pete reported it was 50 degrees on the bottom, but I had my wetsuit today and didn’t want to hear that.  Both The Captain and I had brand new wetsuit boots from Bobby Boyle’s Undersea Divers and  we were in full on Summer mode.

Fred and I shot together under the boat for the first dive.  Pat had deck duty.  Pete tried to center himself on the scooter over my camera’s lens, but we still didn’t get it dead center.  Fred’s camera recorded my attempts at directing and my fall overs as I exhaled and Pete exited stage left.

I’d say the visibility varied from 15-25 feet, depending on how deep you were.  The tide was coming in and it was frickin’ freezin on the bottom.  That’s were the 50 degrees makes sense.

I had 1200 pounds in my steel 70 after the first dive, so I decided to try for more footage.  Here’s what I saw right under the boat:

Torpedo Ray - Head On

Torpedo Ray – Head On

I followed it for several hundred pounds and had to surface to find the boat.  Dang.  It was several hundred yards up current.  I’d inadvertently made “a long swim from the boat.”  Just what we always warned passengers NOT to do.  It was a slog back to the swim platform, but I made it without actually running out of air, just out of breath.

The ray was smoothly docile and let me get close without spooking and leaving.  It had tendrils of skin on its back like a sunburn that was sloughing off.

The video footage could be improved if I managed to keep the subject in the center of the frame.  I’m going to have to try harder to swim ahead of the subject, keep the subject centered, and remove bubbles on the lens – all at the same time.

We closed by having lunch in the new Mile Marker 1 restaurant at the Cape Ann Marina in honor of Pat Walsh’s birthday this month.

Good day with good friends.

One Response to “Hoo-RAY”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Whoa! how cool it that !?( to see the torpedo ray!)

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