Thacher Island and Loblolly Point

We had a crowd on board today who were glad to see the sun and clear skies:  Linda Giles and Myanna, Dianne Kelleher, Jacki K., and LD with Pete and Veronica as crew.  We got a neat picture of Linda Giles’ first dive with us 30 years ago.  She had a page from her log book of that dive copied and framed and then autographed it for us.  What a thoughtful memento!

We started at Thacher Island in the hopes of finding the torpedo ray again.  No such luck, of course.  The visibility varied all over the place from 10 feet near the warm surface to 20 feet at the 52 degree 45 feet mark, according to Pete.  I saw a little rock gunnel and several lost, cruising pollack.  The sun was warm but us wetsuit divers got cold.

For the second dive, I picked the point near Loblolly Cove and Lands End in Rockport.  Here’s Jacki K. in about 25 feet of very clear water – 30 feet, I’d say.

Jacki K at Loblolly Point

Jacki K at Loblolly Point

The shallows were covered with Irish Moss and looked like molten gold in the sunlight.  As I went deeper, I found we were anchored over the remnants of the electric cable that used to serve Thacher Island’s lighthouses.  Over the years, it’s been abandoned in place and not repaired if it failed.  New cable is laid and that fixes the problem quicker.

We were glad to munch on Veronica’s sandwiches which included a John Wayne turkey one for The Captain – just turkey and bread, no vegetables.  There were spinach ones for the rest of us mortals.

It was a hot ride back with the high tide and flat ramp for easy loading back into our cars.

Good fun.

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