Five Guys from CT

By special request, we made a trip today, Friday.  The divers were all from Connecticut and just wanted to see the sights and take pictures.  No lobsters were going to be taken by them.  That made it easier.

After our drive around, we decided that going north made sense.  The predications were that we’d eventually have 12 knots of breeze from the south and west.  No rain in sight.

Turns out they had requested Cathedral Rocks with The Captain, so that’s were we anchored for the first dive.  We had Pete and LD on board as well.  I put the anchor right off the “sofa” rock that we used to dive from years ago.  There were no other divers in the water from land.  Hardly any other boaters were out either.  The breeze was cooling as it blew across Sandy Bay.

LD and one of the customers both reported a crazy kind of cross current on the bottom.  LD went to the mud looking for clear water and felt the current on his return to the boat.  The other fellow felt a current moving parallel to shore from the south.  Visibility was OK.  Water temp was 52 on the very bottom and 66 on the surface.

For the second dive, we went to Lanesville.  I wanted to see if I could get some video footage in clear, warm water.  The water was 66 degrees to the bottom in the shallows and 52 on the bottom in the incoming tide.  Folks reported swimming in the cold water until it was uncomfortable and then drifting up into the warmth where there was less visibility.

I saw cunners under rocks and a field of sea stars, just like last week.

LD reported skates and a big, red sea raven.  Pete scootered all over the place.  Rumboogie made a close, but slow pass on their way back to port.

Nice time with good people.

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