Clouds of Cunner

From having seen few fish yesterday, we spun the dial to MAX today.  Crew was Pat and Pete.  The Captain explained our options.

With good friends Linsley and Kevin Mordasky, Alan Hicks, and LD, we started at Fisherman’s Canyon south of Cathedral Rocks.  It is much more kelp-covered than it had been last year.  Maybe that ‘s why there were so many fish:

Cloud of Cunner

Cloud of Cunner

The visibility was much better than yesterday at 15-20 feet.  The water was in the low 60s in the shallows and in the upper 50s on the bottom at 35 feet.

My wetsuit has so many holes in it that I was feeling every cold degree as I lay videoing a brittle sea star.  I wasn’t exactly shivering, but I am glad that my Atlan has its new zipper.  I’ll be checking it out next weekend unless the weather gets even hotter.

We’d had cloudy skies and coolness for the first dive.  The second one was going to be somewhere even clearer and warmer if I could manage it.  I headed for the ocean side of the rocky point at the Lobster Pool restaurant.  It was COLD on the bottom as the tide came in but warm enough in the shallows to finish off the remainder of the tank I’d started on the first dive.

I found our old friend the (at least) four year old Northern Red Anemone at the base of the rock pile.  It looked healthy.

Again there were clouds of cunner up in the warmth.

Visibility ranged from 15-20 feet all the way down.

As we picked up the anchor to head for home, the sun came out.  We baked on our trip back down the Annisquam to the Cape Ann Marina.

And we get to do it all again tomorrow.

One Response to “Clouds of Cunner”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Isn’t funny how we recognize certain sea life on our many visits to a dive site?
    I am familiar with the foursome of squid in Bonaire, “Charlie’ the tarpon and the big ol’ moray eel at the tug-boat!

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