So Big

Today we had LD plus four Neas family members for a fun day on the ocean.  Veronica was crew along with Pete.  The Captain directed.  The kids have gotten SO BIG.

Because we expected 90 degree heat and there was a breeze predicted to come from the south, we headed up to Folly Cove.  Maybe someone would go swimming if they saw others in the water as well.

We geared up after handing out extra fins, a snorkel and a mask to Mikey.  We pointed out the freshwater shower to the ocean averse so everyone would stay cool.  I descended to see if I could capture any flounders on video after digging a hole to attract them.  Instead I found a big clam:

So Big

So Big

This fellow was quite content to just exhale into a shallow depression as I approached.  He didn’t dive for cover under the sand or clamp shut when I stroked his mantle.

There were flounders as well.  I could almost hear them as they circled the photo shoot, “Whatcha doin?”  “Got anything to eat?”

I surfaced to see Krissy and Mikey jumping off the flying bridge into 66 degree water.  It was much colder than that on the bottom, I can tell you.  Sam had already dangled her feet into the water from the swim platform.  I think she got in but had trouble getting back out so the dangling sufficed.

LD brought back several large clams to show.  They he let them go.  He also was shooting video.

We decided to call it at one dive and adjourn to Five Guys for burgers and fries.


Fun day with wonderful family and friends.


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  1. Veronica Says:

    Yes, it soitently was a nice day! 🙂

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