It doesn’t get any better than this.  Pure sun, low humidity, clear air and warmth that isn’t blasting – 78 degrees on the surface.

We had Dean M. and two pals as well as Alex Shure and LD on board with Pat and Pete as crew.  The Captain was diving today too.

Since they wanted to try to get lobsters, we went north to the area next to the Seaside Cemetery in Lanesville.  Everyone was in the water quickly and it proved to be warm – 61 degrees all the way to the bottom at 25 feet.  Visibility was good at 15-20 feet.

I found a little wall with a small cunner that was patrolling it.  As I set up my camera, he dislodged a rock gunnel that swam right at the lens.  Then I went around the rock to get into the shot myself.  Here’s a frame grab:

Fish Tracking

Fish Tracking

He let me do that twice and still always returned to his post.

The hunters were successful and we decided to go for “scenic” at the second dive site.

I chose the rocky jumble outside the jetty on the east side of Folly Cove.  It’s got massive blocks of carved granite that merge into a well defined block wall as you go toward the cove.  There were frilled anemone under an overhand, including a rocky portion that was covered with many baby ones.

Here the water was deeper and colder as the tide came in.  However, as you swam along the wall, it got shallower and warmer and brighter.  The photographer was happy with the conditions.

As we powered back into the Annisquam River, the breeze had shifted to the south west and I was able to dock the boat with hardly a vocal cue from any of my helpers.

The ramp was even flat for the gear schlepping back to our cars.

A definite “10” with nice people.

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  1. Veronica Says:

    Sounds perfect! 🙂

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