Adventures in Force

Today was a combination of good luck and wonderful friends.

We had a newbie, ZT, and her dad, IT, as well as LD and Sandy M.  with Pat, Pete and Veronica as crew.

Because it was predicted to be blowing strongly from the south, we went north.  I wanted “stand up water” for ZT’s first scuba experience.  Pat anchored in about 20 feet of water in the middle of Folly Cove.  I was surprised to see boats there already on either side of us.  Looks like other folk had heard the forecast.

After we got into our wetsuits, ZT and I swam the inflatable with all our gear into the rocky, rubble-y beach-type area.  Folly Cove at low tide is a mass of boulders and slippery rocks.  There is hardly any sand in sight.  We found some patches, however, where we could get situated and settled to begin the skills she needed to learn.

Pete swam over to see  how we were doing on his tow sub.  We waved and kept going.

It didn’t take very long at all.  She mastered regulator ditch and retrieval, two types of regulator purge, mask clearing, and weight belt ditching.  Then we scuba-ed in shallow water for a while.  As we stood up, I noticed that one of her see-through “Gummy Bear” gold-colored Force Fins was missing.  Dang.  That was going to be hard to spot on the bottom in all the weeds and rocks.

Two different sets of returning divers tried and failed to find it for us.  They were kind to even try since it was at the end of their dive and they were low on air already.  ZT and I continued with skills including removing and replacing the mask underwater and then clearing it.  There were tumblesaults included as well, just for fun.

Then Veronica swam up and I told her about our plight.  She took off with a mission.

Then Pat swam up on the tow sub and clambered into the inflatable to assist us with gear wrangling.

ZT and I did more scuba-ing in the shallows – back and forth across the shallowest part of the beach.  She was able to descend and clear her ears with no trouble.  We exchanged sign language for how much air was left in her little aluminum 50.   Two open palms towards me = 1000 psi.  Good.

Then, just as we were attempting to get ZT’s foot into one of Pat’s ML Force Fins, Veronica surfaced with a triumphant, “Woo Hoo!”  She found our missing Force Fin.  It looked like this, only in Gold:

Tan Delta Force Fin

Tan Delta Force Fin

ZT quickly fitted it back on and we took off, underwater, for the scuba swim back to Easy Diver.  Pat stayed on the surface, finning along, towing the inflatable with our dive flag, keeping right over us.  I used her shadow and the white bubbles of her kick to stay on course over the featureless, sandy bottom.  ZT and I saw lots of hermit crabs, little cunner, and crabs on our foray.  She easily kicked down to the anchor in 25 feet of rising tide and then swam up to the swim platform to take off her scuba tank and hand it up to the crew.  What a great start to her diving fun!

We then helped IT back into the boat with a hunter’s bag that held a lobster from each of his two dives while we were in training mode.

I think a good time was had by all.


One Response to “Adventures in Force”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Doncha just love the summer!? 🙂

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