Foggy and Flat

We had a forecast that was mixed.  Cloudy, but no wind, and possible showers was expected.  Then the east wind picked up and the fog bank moved into Gloucester Harbor.

I wanted to try Salt Rock today because we had an experienced crowd: Alex Shure and LD, with Pete as crew.  The Captain was in charge.

Salt Rock is located nearer to Beverly than we usually go.  It’s just off Singing Beach, southwest of Graves Island that is usually our outer limit on the south shore.  As we were loading the boat, the fog started to burn off and we were in the clear with hot sun as we puttered through the Blynman Cut and into the now clear harbor.

Here’s an image of the locale we were in:

Salt Rock Environs

Salt Rock Environs

We saw the bottom rise to 25 feet on the north side of the rock.  LD dropped the anchor and we were quick to get into the water at this new place.  The Captain asked Alex and me to get some video of him aiming towards me while he was taking pictures or doing video.  Here’s a frame grab of some footage I got:

Alex Shure at Salt Rock

Alex Shure at Salt Rock

We decided the site was OK, but nothing special, at least on the shore side of the rock.  It was 61 degrees of warm all the way down to 35 feet or so.  That was great, but the visibility was less than great at about 10 feet.  Surge was moderate.  Warmth trumps vis as the most desirable condition, so I wasn’t complaining.

We went to the north side of Kettle Island for the second dive.  Again, the water was warm, but the vis was only OK.  The clouds had returned by this time, so it was dark on the bottom.  Surge was worse in the shallow part of the little cove, so I stayed near the boat in about 35 feet.  Big boulders were photogenic, but had lots of sea growth on them.  I don’t remember them being so grassy in previous years.

The tide had retreated by the time we were ready to lug our tanks back to the truck.  Low tide and empty tanks makes for a hard climb up the ramp.  Hey, that sounds like a Country Music title, doesn’t it?  Lo-o-o-w Tide and Empty Ta-a-aanks.

More fun tomorrow.

One Response to “Foggy and Flat”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Good description. I can just about feel the surge and squint through the murky viz. :-p

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