Sandy Patches

We had even more sun today.  I’m crispy.

Pure Sun

Pure Sun

We had ZT again, so went to a scenic, easy place for her second and third dives.  We picked Gully  Cove near the gap between Rockport’s Gap Head and Straitsmouth Island.  It was about 25 feet deep.  After her first giant stride entry, she managed the down line just fine.  On the bottom, with Pete’s assistance, she caught her first legal-sized lobster.

We also had LD, Gary from Northshore Frogmen, and Jacki K with Pete and Veronica Atlantis as crew.  The Captain kept his cool.

This cove is neat because there are sandy patches between boulders and rocky outcrops.  It had lots of critters to see and denizens for the hunters.  The water was in the low 50s on the bottom with great visibility – 20 to 25 feet.  On the surface, the water was in the high 50s due to the south wind that was pushing all the warm surface water out to sea.

Veronica, ZT and I made a trek to the shallows to experience the difference in temperature first hand.  It was much more comfortable in about 15 feet of water, but the visibility declined to about 10 – 15 feet.  The boulders were golden here with Irish Moss.

We saw two divers entering the cove from shore.  They swam straight out into the “shipping lane” and 50 feet of water, missing all the good stuff we were seeing.

We spent both dives at this place, mostly because the visibility was so good on the bottom.  It’s the best it’s been for several weeks.

After a long trip down the river to home behind a TowBoatUS with a client strapped to his side, we agreed that high tide at the end of the dive is the best there is.  Who needs a scuba sherpa when the ramp is flat?





One Response to “Sandy Patches”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Great photo of the boat.
    Yes, we had fun! the cold water was the “magic touch” to my head

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