The Weatherman was Wrong

Today was supposed to be cloudy with showers and thunderstorms.  Maybe that was happening somewhere in New England, but we had sun and clouds with no wind.  Several weatherwise folk joined us today: Kevin and Linsley Mordasky, Kerry and Linda Hurd and LD.  We had Pete (on his birthday) and Pat as crew.  The Captain set the pace.

Since what wind was due was supposed to come from the south, we went north and over the top of Cape Ann to Rockport’s Gap Cove for the first dive.  After last night’s heavy rains, we weren’t expecting much in the way of visibility, but it was OK at 15-20 feet over the sandy patches.  Pete reported that it was 57 degrees all the way to the bottom at 21 feet.

Kerry was shooting video and saw a lobster with a fish dinner that was almost as big as he/she was.  Other lobsters tried to muscle in on the feast, but the owner side-stepped them all.  I hope his shot comes out.  Here he is making notes on his wrist tablet:

Kerry Hurd Makes Notes on His Wrist Tablet

Kerry Hurd Makes Notes on His Wrist Tablet

The rest of us cruised around the area, marveling at the huge boulders that dotted the landscape.  LD found a wall with lots of rusty machinery near the gap between the mainland and Straitsmouth Island to the east.

For the second dive, we moved seaward to the island’s small north facing cove.  As I was settling in for an anchoring, Pat loudly recommended we not pick this very spot.  She could see the top of a submerged rock just off the starboard side.  So-o-o.  We moved east a couple of boat lengths.  I was later able to explore the crag and its cleft which was enormous, but weedy on the bottom.  In fact, lots of the low lying crevasses were filled with loose, floating brown sea weed.  It mucked up the video shots we tried to take of the landscape and its terrain.  LD noted that the viz hasn’t been that great since early spring when we were filming nudibranchs.  I guess the water’s just too warm and it fosters lots of weed growth.

I drained my tank on the second dive and headed up to join the others who were already on board.

Everyone was eager to get back to the Halibut Point restaurant for Pete’s “surprise” BD lunch. 9 hungry divers were happy to fete him on this special day.

Good fun with great people.

One Response to “The Weatherman was Wrong”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Oh those crazy weather-men.
    One minute clouds and the next blasting heat.
    you lucked out!

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