Dean’s Drop

It was drippy and drizzling this morning, but the weatherman said it would clear up gradually during the course of the day.  Yeah, right.

We had IT, Dean, Dave and Ken along with Pete and Pat as crew.  The Captain stayed as dry as possible, but like the rest of the crew, developed swamp a** over the course of the trip.  If you don’t put on a suit, and it’s rainy, you’re going to sit in a puddle on the gunwhale – guaranteed.

Because there were hunters, I took us to the back side of Kettle Island, just off Coolidge Point in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  We were visited by a slow moving boat with three fishermen on board, but they were going slow and didn’t hook anyone.  (Joke)  As the divers were getting suited up, Pat took pictures with her new iPAD;

Divers on 8-18-2012

Divers on 8-18-2012

Dean lost his lobster bag and its contents on the first dive, so we named the site after him and stayed in place for the second dive in the hopes that they could find it again.  Here are the three intrepid searchers getting ready to descend:

Dean Dave and Ken

Dean Dave and Ken, not necessarily in that order

We learned that the visibility was about 10-15 feet with a water temperature of 52 degrees on the bottom and 57 degrees half-way up to the surface.  There were huge boulders and cuts that could have trapped the bag, so it was no surprise that they couldn’t find it.

Everyone seemed happy to have been able to get wet on such a gloomy Saturday.

2 Responses to “Dean’s Drop”

  1. Sam/Diame Says:

    Great picture from Pat’s ipad!! looks like you all had fun in the rain!!

  2. Veronica Says:

    Wow! Ipads do that now?! I better get off of my dinosaur!

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