Search and Recovery, Part Deux

Today was sunny to start, so we were happy to have a chance to dive and enjoy it.  We had Linda and Myanna plus Linda M. with Harry.  Crew was Pat, Pete and Veronica.  The Captain got his feet wet.  We had started out for Bemo Ledge when the wind changed and we swung around to hide behind Kettle Island.  Here’s a photo of the dive site from Pat’s new toy – an iPad:

Kettle Island

Kettle Island

Notice how the rocks extend all the way into the water?  That’s one of the reasons this place is so pretty.  The boulders and canyons continue on underwater.  The winner today was Veronica who found Dean’s red net bag during the first part of her dive.  It was open and empty on the bottom, she said.  Dean had indicated that it would probably be open because he hadn’t clipped it shut before he fastened it to his vest.  Then it came unfastened yesterday and he lost it.  Now it’s safely aboard Easy Diver, ready and waiting for Dean’s next trip with us.  Peter reported that the water temp was in the high 50’s and the visibility was 10-15 feet.

Then Linda M. surfaced with a large strobe arm for a camera.  It had been down a long time, so we didn’t keep it.

Finally, Veronica swam back to the boat to report she’d seen a huge torpedo ray up close and very personal.  What a trip!

I had been circling divers’ bubbles with the Zodiac because there were fishing boats who wanted to use the same dive site we were already anchored in.  Pat caught this picture of the action:

Chris Rowing with Bubbles - Big

Chris Rowing with Bubbles

Since Myanna’s back was bothering her, she doffed her tank and we pushed/pulled it into the inflatable so she could float back to the big boat in comfort.

The second dive site was over on the mainland at Saddle Rock.  It’s just off the coast of Coolidge Point in Manchester-by-the-Sea and since it was almost high tide, the rock was awash.  Myanna rested while Pete and Linda looked for lobsters.  There were plenty walking around, but none were legal sized.  The visibility was a little worse here at 10 feet, but it was warmer at about 59 degrees.  Linda M. took a long looping course to view the sights.  Although she started with current, it had slackened a lot at high tide, so her trip back to the swim platform was an easy one.

I munched down two of V’s spinach pita sandwiches, an apple and a V-8 that she brought to share.  Ambrosia!

The trip back into the marina was exciting because of the outgoing tide at the Blynman Bridge.  Hootin’ and hollerin’ greeted Lynn and Phil on their balcony overlooking the river.  I was relieved that we hadn’t struck the bridge supports as we tooled through at max rpms.

Then I had to back down the opening at J dock while avoiding visiting firemen and the afternoon tour flat boat, Anni, to ease into our slip with a north wind.  Thanks to Pete and The Captain, I did it with no bumps or scrapes.  Huzzah!

It was a fine day with good people.

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  1. Veronica Says:

    Fine indeed! 😉

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