Thacher’s Island x2

We had a flat, calm, almost windless day – a rarity.  We could have gone anywhere.  I chose Thacher’s Island off Rockport’s Loblolly Cove in the hopes we’d get clear, warm water.  Well, one out of two isn’t bad.

The tide was going out as we cleared the Blynman Canal’s bridge.  They didn’t even have to raise it for us because we could fit if we took down our antennas, so we did.

After a short stop at Norman’s Woe rock for a quick picture, we motored up the Back Shore, past Good Harbor Beach and Milk Island to Thacher’s.  We had LD and Alan Hicks with Pat as crew.  I was planning on videoing and The Captain directed traffic.

The ocean was slick and slippery with no wind to rough it up.

I anchored in about 20 feet at the base of the non-working lighthouse on the island.

The water was cold (in the upper 50s) as it gushed into the gaps in my Mares wetsuit.  My hood has torn and lets water in easily.  My neck seal has a large hole right below my Adam’s apple from a fingernail puncturing the neoprene.  The seam at the base of the back of my neck is gaping open these days.  I wore a steel 72 and my regular weight belt and was a little heavy at the deeper places I visited.  Lots of ocean needed to be warmed up as it sloshed around inside the suit.

Nevertheless, I found some cunner feasting on the remains of barnacles that had been inadvertently broken by our downline.  The tide was just turning as I surfaced for a warm up.

We decided to stay where we were for the second dive.

This time, I found Alan practicing with his camera too:


Alan Hicks and Camera at Thacher Island

Alan Hicks and Camera at Thacher Island

I surfaced with about 1500 psi in my tank because I was getting cold.  The incoming tide was much colder but the water was also much clearer because of it.

We hosed down with the sun shower fresh water and I drove back into the afternoon sun.  It was hazy and a tiny breeze was coaxing the Ardelle and the Lannon with their sails almost slack.

Again, we slipped through the bridge without having to have it raised because the tide wasn’t very high yet.

The Cape Ann Marina’s tuna tournament was in full swing as we docked.  Lots of extra cars and music and noise from the south side of the parking lot.  Good for them.

I think we had more fun than they did and nothing died to provide it.



2 Responses to “Thacher’s Island x2”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Ha ha! I love your last sentence 🙂
    I am glad you had a calm flat day. It was foggy in the morning so it was nice that it had burned off.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Sounds like an all around excellent day!

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