Fish All Up In Your Face

The trip started with a rare sighting when, thanks to LD and Veronica, we spotted a seal in the river just west of the Gloucester Marina.  It looked like a young one and was just resting and floating along on the current.

Although the north side of the island was flat calm when we drove around to check, it had developed a north wind by the time we exited the Annisquam River into Essex Bay.  Our first choice of dive site, S & M just outside Plum Cove, looked too exposed if the wind were to freshen.  So I motored on a bit and chose the area between Tide Rock and the Seaside Cemetery at the north end of Lanesville Shores.  It was almost dead low tide and, as a result, the visibility was not good today – about 10 feet.  But the water was between 59 and 61 degrees, depending on whether you were out to the mud/sand edge in 45 feet or not.  Those of us who stayed around the boat in about 20 feet were the warmest.

We had Jacky K., Sandy M., LD and ZT on board with Pete and Veronica as crew.  The Captain got wet and I worked with ZT on basic skills for her Dive Patrol open water scuba diver rank.  She did great with all of them, plus a few extras like several back rolls from a low gunwhale and getting back into the boat when your tank has almost slipped out of your BC.

Sandy M. had a close, fun encounter with masses of cunner and a school of about twenty good-sized pollack.  She described the cunner as being curious and looking right into her mask until she exhaled and they all took off.

Cunner Closeup

Cunner Closeup

The weather couldn’t have been nicer with a cool breeze and full sun.

Hope we have lots more of these before the season comes to a close.

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  1. Veronica Says:

    As always, great fun 🙂

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