North Wind Dictates

Since it was going to be blowing from the north and east today, we went south.  We had Richard Brandolini, Alan Hicks, Alex Shure, and the three musketeers – Dean, Dave and Ken.  They all were up for anything, so we started at the wreck of the New Hampshire.

I anchored behind Graves Island, just in front of the opening in the rocky wall that establishes a profile like that of Snuffleuffagus from Sesame Street:


Snuffleuffagus in Profile

Peter said the water was 59 degrees, but it felt really cold in my leaky Mares wetsuit.  It was almost high tide and the water was about 30 feet deep.  The visibility was so-so at about 10 – 15 feet.  I tried to video under ledges but the surge was too strong to wedge the camera successfully.  There were many logs and abandoned lobster traps near us so I spent my dive looking for decorator crabs on them.  Didn’t find even one.  So I took a picture of the guys who were back on the boat:

Pete and Alex on Easy Diver

Pete and Alex on Easy Diver

We moved behind Kettle Island for the second dive.  Everyone went back in even though it felt a little cold to be getting wet again.  I saw a cloud of pollack under the boat and enticed them to come close to the camera by breathing very gently and not creating too may loud bubbles that scare them.  They got close enough to see the lateral dark line on their sides.

There were several big lobsters that were probably too big to keep.

The fishermen were respectful and kept their distance while we had people in the water.  As soon as we pulled anchor, they were quick to begin trolling right up next to the rocks.

The fight into the outgoing 10 foot tide under the Blynman Bridge was invigorating and I was happy not to have any contact with the abutments as we gunned our way into the Annisquam River.  Everyone helped me dock even though we were hemmed in by a huge sailboat on the finger dock that is perpendicular to ours.  It turned out fine.

The flat ramp made gear loading almost easy.  Maybe I’m finally getting into shape now that the season’s almost done.

Nice day with good folks.

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