Sunny Sunday

We inched our way out of the slip, past Ocean Rose from Hingham who had spent the night on the adjacent finger dock, and into the open water.  The steering wasn’t responding very quickly and The Captain wanted to get fuel.  The quarters were as tight as I’d ever seen them with boats rafted three abreast into the open area where I usually maneuver to get situated for fueling.  I handed the helm over to Peter for the duration.  Of course, he managed just fine and we were all fending off boats to help.

“We” means Veronica and Richard Brandolini with George K. and his son, Christopher K.  Jacki K., Dianne Kelleher, and Sandy M. wisely stayed seated and out of the hubbub.

In due course, we were out of the crush and on our way up the river to the north.

Our first site was in about 25 feet of water, at Lanesville Shores.  There were lots of passing fishing boats, so the wash was considerable.  I rowed out to keep the dive flag over the bubbles of the farthest away diver, just in case.

Peter later reported that the water was between 59 and 61 degrees, depending on how deep you went.  George and Christopher saw a large ray with a mottled, spotted top.

The visibility was OK.

For the second dive, we wanted a little more stability, so I opted for the rocks across from the wall at Folly Cove.  As the tide turned, it was going to be emptying and that might make the visibility get a little better.

Jacki and Sandy went on a trip towards the deeper water in the middle of the cove.  At 45 feet, they couldn’t hear Desperado motoring over their heads.  I was rowing again to keep bigger boats from their area.

Chris shared his ‘Nilla wafers and Veronica gave me one of her yummy basil, cheese and tomato pits sandwiches.  I also downed water, Sprite Zero and V-8 (just in case you wanted to know what I had for lunch).

All this was seasoned with mopping up a spilled can of transmission fluid which we use to fill the hydraulic steering system on the flying bridge.  It dripped pink oil down the starboard side of the boat and we used every paper towel in the place to sop it up.  When they were gone, I used my tee shirt and sweatshirt too.  Yuck.  Definitely gotta get that hydraulic steering repaired.

The trip home down the river was leisurely and the ramp was almost flat.  How good it that?

Great day with great folk.

And we get to do it again tomorrow!

One Response to “Sunny Sunday”

  1. Veronica Says:

    It was certainly a busy day, eh?

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