Treasure Hunt and Rescue Mission

We had lots of excitement for a Labor Day.  With only Richard Brandolini and Peter Donahue aboard, we could venture on a treasure hunt. A neighbor had noticed The Captain’s truck at Dunkin’ Donuts and asked whether he’d consider looking for a missing wedding ring.  He’d lost it at his mooring in Magnolia Cove, right at the ball.  We’d never had a small enough group to make that kind of a recovery mission feasible, until today.  Richard is a great diver and Pete is Pete.  How could we miss?

As I motored us into the mooring field, another boat was just leaving and let us use their mooring to tie up because it was right next to the one we were told held the treasure.  Pete, Richard, and I dropped carefully over the side so as not to disturb the sand.  It was about 15-20 feet deep and very bright and clear.  No garbage or litter on the bottom.  In fact, the chain on the mooring looked brand new.  I circled wide because Richard and Pete were close.  After about twenty minutes, they’d left and I decided to give it a try.  I swept aside the short sea weed on top of the concrete block very carefully.  After the third sweep, I moved ahead a little and there was the ring:

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

We were happy to have found it and await a call back from the owner.

With that success, we went to find a real dive.  Several fishermen were in our first choice behind Kettle Island.  Swells were rolling in from the southeast and curling around behind Egg Rock, which was our second choice.  Then I motored over to Coolidge Point and Saddle Rock.  It looked great and the south wind would position us parallel to the rocks.

We all went in – The Captain and I to video, Pete to hunt, and Richard to sight see.  Here’s a picture of me that The Captain took:

Chris with Video Camera

Chris with Video Camera

When we got back on board, Richard reported helping a too big lobster that had been totally wrapped in monofiliment line.  It couldn’t even move its tail.  He was running low on air, but managed to free it enough so that its fighting instincts kicked in.  He let it go to shed the remaining pieces of line on its own.  What a great way to end a dive!

We had a super time and saluted the gorgeous weather that made it all that much more fun.

2 Responses to “Treasure Hunt and Rescue Mission”

  1. Alan Hicks Says:

    Two happy endings in one trip! Sounds like a great Labor Day on the easy Diver.

  2. Veronica Says:

    I wished I was there. I love treasure hunts! 🙂

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