Newbie at Niles

We  had Alan and Andrew H. for Andy’s first dive lesson today.  The Captain and I had driven around Cape Ann earlier, looking for a good place to take a student after the week’s storms.

It seemed every dive instructor on the Cape was at Niles Beach because every other place was blown or surged out.  There must have been thirty divers on the beach, waiting their turn in the water.  It was warm water, though.  I didn’t have to wear  my gloves.  It was probably in the low 60s.  Visibility was decent at about 10-15 feet before it got kicked up by our maneuvers.

Niles Beach

Niles Beach

Pete and Alan and I took the inflatable and Andy into stand up water so he could get used to the gear in a comfortable setting.  The first thing that happened was I lost one of my golden see-through Force Fins.  Luckily, I felt it drop and was barely able to retrieve it as it blended into the bottom coloring so well.

The Captain maintained a lookout from Easy Diver.

We went through the basics and didn’t get cold at all even though the sun was hiding behind fog and clouds.

As we left, the crowd of other divers was just entering the water.

Boat diving makes all the difference.

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  1. Veronica Says:

    Oh no! Don’t lose those fins! 🙂

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