Playing with Pipefish

We had Larry D. from Ashburnham with us today.  Otherwise it would have been just Pete, Pat, me and The Captain.

We were happy to be back in the water after several weeks of not diving due to rainy, windy, surgey conditions.

It had looked good on the north side of Cape Ann after our early morning drive around, so we headed for Folly Cove.  On the way, we spotted a mola mola just off Lanes’s Cove.  That’s our second one this season.

I anchored far into the cove in about 20 feet of water.  Larry was going to be practicing with his new back inflation rig and we were hoping for some more footage for this year’s movie.  Luckily the pipefish were willing to come out to play:

A Pipefish Looks at My Gloved Fingertips

A Pipefish Looks at My Gloved Fingertips

Once you saw one, then you saw lots more.  They resemble what a sea horse would look like if it uncoiled.  The 30′ visibility certainly helped in spotting them.  The water was 55 degrees on the bottom and 59 on the surface.

I was diving wet in the new suit that The Captain won at the Bay State Council’s picnic two Sundays ago.  It was a man’s large, but fit me just fine.  I made two dives in it and used my regular weightbelt and a steel 70.

There was a very friendly little fish that might have been a tropical that got swept up north in the Gulf Stream.  Its eye had a red ring that was irridescent:

Red Ringed Eye

Red Ringed Eye

We made both dives in Folly.  The second one was a little deeper because our anchor had dragged as the south wind freshened.  We swung close to the rocky wall and then back out into the cove – just like a flag in slow motion.

The ride back was not bad at all and the ocean had only a few trespassers, mostly sailboats.  It marks how quickly the season ends for boaters once Labor Day has passed.

We docked easily because I could head into the south wind and use it to turn the boat for backing into our slip.

Nice day for early October with good people.

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One Response to “Playing with Pipefish”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Good for you in winning a new wetsuit! AND still able to dive in it in October! 🙂
    A bonus day, with nice weather, a mola mola and pipefish!

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