Blistering Hot Deck



Today we were lucky to have daughter-in-law, Martha Calhoun, with us.  She joined LD and Pete with The Captain and me for a trip up the river to Folly Cove.  The weather was predicted to be hot, hotter, hottest with a south west wind later in the day.  That meant that our best bet for good visibility and flat water was going to be on the north shore of Cape Ann.

We got started when there was hardly a breeze, however.  My tee shirt was sticking to my back as we loaded gear and ice at the slip.  I hosed myself down and felt better for it.  I also filled the Sun Shower for the first time this year.  It’s another aid in keeping cool.

The trip up the river was at a falling tide and I saw the depth meter read “- -” several times. That’s an indication that the bottom is close by.  By sheer skill, I kept us from running a-ground or a-sand or a-mud.

We anchored in the lee of the bluff on the west side of the cove.  LD, Pete and The Captain jumped in with toys (cameras and tow sub).  They found a horseshoe crab who was willing to pose for pictures, lots of skates, and hungry flounders circling like vultures above the hole The Captain was digging to attract them.  Fred’s Mares was comfortable, he  avowed.  LD and Pete were diving dry.

For the second dive, we tried to move around the point to Lanesville Shores, but the wind had kicked up and it was too rough for an easy anchoring there.  Instead, we moved across the cove to the rocky point just south of the Lobster Pool Restaurant.  Anchoring here is easy because rocks cover the bottom and some are monster.

I got into my Atlan and down the line quickly to cool off.  The camera was able to capture the antics of a decorator crab munching on a limpet and a glowing golden sea peach, set against the dark background of deep water.  

We headed home into the chop and cool air.

Summer is here.

One Response to “Blistering Hot Deck”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Water temp at Salisbury was very frosty but the air temp was sooooooo hot that you had to cool off!
    Another hot one today…

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