Not So Hot – and That’s Good Thing

Today was mercifully cooler than yesterday.  It was going to be blowing from the south even more strongly, so we went north.  We had  Bill Low, JK, Andy J., LD, with Veronica plus Pete as crew.  The Captain gave the orders and I drove the boat.

JK was glad to go to Folly Cove.  It was her and Andy’s first dive of the season.  That was true for Veronica as well.  You couldn’t tell by their stylin’ as they entered the water:

Veronica and Her Giant Stride, photo by Bill Low

Veronica and Her Giant Stride, photo by Bill Low

Andy's Entry, photo by Bill Low

Andy’s Entry, photo by Bill Low

We heard that the water was coolllddd when Veronica’s shriek echoed off the cove’s cliff.  All the warm water from yesterday had been blown out to Essex Bay by the stiff southerly wind.  Her thermometer read 48 on the bottom.  She was diving wet.  I heard something about Novocaine lips and numb hands as she climbed back aboard.   But everything worked and the gear is ready to go for the season.

We moved to the other side of the cove for the second dive.  The breeze was freshening and the anchor took hold with a jolt.  This area has a jumbled, rocky bottom and it wasn’t surprising to have LD find a treasure in the first few minutes of his dive:

Anchor and Chain, photo by LD

Anchor and Chain, photo by LD

If you know of anyone who has lost this, LD is open to negotiating.  The combination weighs over 40 pounds.

The Captain got wet too and reported that it was “frickin’ freezin!”  His Mares has a leaky zipper and his gloves have holes.  No wonder!

After their trek to the wall, JK and Andy climbed in to get warm.

The divers reported a red sea robin, tons of skates, and anemones.

We got scorched by the June sun and frazzled by the breeze (someone lost a hat, even though they’d been warned to “…hold onto your hat!”).  I think I saw V holding her arms out like a cormorant and declaring she wouldn’t even have to change out of her wet bathing suit because the breeze would dry it before we got back to the marina.

New England summer at its best.

2 Responses to “Not So Hot – and That’s Good Thing”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sounds like a good time was had by all!

  2. Veronica Says:

    Great photos by Bill L!
    Yes, a super duper day!

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