After Tropical Downpour Andrea, we were treated to perfection:  little wind, warm sun, high tide.  The water temperature was in the low 50’s (unless you were crew member Veronica, then it was in the high 40’s).

As we powered up the Annisquam River to Lanesville Shores, we noted how few boats were out and about.  Maybe the rain yesterday had caused boaters to make alternative plans for today.  Too bad for them.  More space for us.

The passenger list today included LD, Erik T., JK and Andy, and Ilya T., plus Veronica and Pete as crew.  The Captain was his fabulous self and I drove the boat.

As we anchored, the boat pointed into the incoming tide’s current.  It was a chug to get to the downline if your giant stride took you too far astern.  The surface looked green to me as I peered down the anchorline.  Must be a result of all the rain and runoff, I thought.  Turns out visibility on the bottom was the typical Cape Ann 10-15 feet, according to Pete.

Erik reported almost “tripping” over a sea raven.  They are wonderfully camouflaged.  Here’s a picture of one from the interwebs:

Atlantic Sea Raven (Hemitripterus americanus) portrait, Nova Scotia, Canada

Atlantic Sea Raven (Hemitripterus americanus) portrait, Nova Scotia, Canada


There was also mention of a too-big lobster in a hole near the anchor.

For the second site, I chose the rock pile north of the Lobster Pool Restaurant at Folly Cove.  The tide was just starting to leave the cove as I inched down the line, venting my Atlan as I went.  Cold water prickled my exposed facial skin, but as it became numb, I forgot about the chill.  I had my video camera and was determined to make something happen today.

It was dark periodically as I lay on the bottom – almost like the boat had moved over me.  But I was too far from it for that to happen.  Then I realized it was clouds.  What a difference their shadow made to the ambient light.

I posed the camera for a set-up shot and rounded the boulder in time to see a hermit crab scurrying to shelter.  I herded it towards the lens.  We’ll see if that come out.

When I returned to the swim platform, the boat had swung 180 degrees and was pointing into the cove.  JK and Andy swam up and remarked on the wonderful pile of jumbled rocks and its denizens.  Erik was happy with the site’s terrain, too.

Add the tasty, legal snacks that Veronica shared to our calm, smooth return to the river, and you have a delightful Sunday in early June.

It was ah-h-h-mazing.

One Response to “Ah-h-h-h”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Another day in paradise:-)

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