A True “Lock”

Meteorologist Harvey Leonard of Channel 5 called today’s forecast for beautiful weather a “lock.”  He wasn’t wrong.  Warm, sunny, clear with little wind.  Summer in New England at its finest. 

We had a full boat and wanted somewhere with as good visibility as possible, considering last week’s rain.  Oh, and not too much surge, please.  And a little warmer water would be nice.  We drove up the river and around the top looking for all three.  I decided on Thacher Island for the first dive site.  The anchor caught in rocky boulders about 1/2 way between the dead light and the welcome center house.

Here’s a picture from Linda Hurd of the crowd of us after the first dive:


We had Zeke and Jerry Shine, LD, Linda and Kerry Hurd, Kevin and Linsley Mordasky on board, with Pete as crew.  The Captain managed to maintain decorum and I drove the boat.  I was happy with the water temp because I was in my Atlan dry suit.  Reports varied from low 50’s to low 60’s in the shallows at the Island.

For the second dive, I chose Gully Cove in Rockport.  Linsley found a big sea raven and was quick to let us know where it was hiding.  I wasn’t yet zipped, so it got away before I found the spot.  Nevertheless, the bottom’s terrain was interesting.  There was a big, swirling wall with a sandy path alongside that begged to be followed.  Lots of critters made it their home.

The wind was shifting and although we anchored facing west, by the time I surfaced, we’d swung 180 degrees.  

On both dives, LD was successful in his quest for food for his contribution to Father’s Day lunch.  He made a total of four dives in the space when the rest of us only made two.

I shot some footage of Kerry and a school of pollack.  They are mesmerizing critters who just dare you to take their picture.  It almost always comes out too dark, or too far away, or blurry with motion.  We’ll see.

As we made for home, the sun in our faces and the cool breeze combined for perfect conditions down the river to the marina.

Great day with good friends.



One Response to “A True “Lock””

  1. Veronica Says:

    Sounds like a full day! You lucked out with the sun. It was mostly cloudy just past the NH border.

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