We had Will, Candace and Alex F. with us today.  As well as Alex S. and LD, with Pete, The Captain and me.  Will and Candace are fun to see because they’re in their 30’s and just starting out.  Father of Candace, Alex, was keeping an eye on them underwater and using his compass to assist:

Alex F., daughter Candace and Will Agree on a Direction to Go

Alex F., Daughter Candace, and Future Son-in-Law, Will, Agree on a Direction to Go

We were making our second dive in Folly Cove after starting out at Straitsmouth Island in Rockport.  That was a sandy and rocky place where LD lost and then found his own yellow Force Fin.  The wind from the southwest had made that inlet on the island seem like a good first spot.

But we were ready for a little more warmth (Pete had recorded 57 degrees) and maybe a little better visibility (I felt it was 10ish feet or so).

Folly Cove was like a mirror, so we dropped anchor just off Calf Cove’s rocky entrance and everyone went back in the water for more fun.

I found a small torpedo ray, maybe a juvenile, and it had a very brave olive snail making a track on one of its pectoral fins.  I read that torpedo rays eat shellfish.  This little guy wouldn’t have even registered as a snack to the ray.

The day was still hot as we returned to the marina.  And it was a hellatiously steep ramp up to the parking lot.  Just upping and downing to carry my camera and dry bag was enough exercise for this trip.

Good day with great people.

I need a nap.

One Response to “Youngsters”

  1. Veronica Says:

    a torpedo ray already?!?! excellent!

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