Hot But Breezy

We had more of the same today – hazy, hot, and humid.  I’m not complaining.

The crew was joined by LD and Andrea Dec for diving on the north side of Cape Ann.  We started at the restaurant (The Lobster Pool) at Folly Cove.  The breeze shifted our anchoring orientation from northwest to southeast as the tide turned.  Reports were the water was anywhere from upper 40s at 45 feet to 57 degrees on the surface.  But the visibility was “the pits.”  Andrea was playing with a big sea raven and didn’t see the same visibility issues down there at 45 feet.

After we’d consumed all the lunch that Veronica brought, we felt revived and ready to go again.

We moved to Lanesville Shores for the second dive.  Here visibility was improved to about 10-15 feet at 20 feet, to places where it was over 20 feet on the bottom.  I dived with Andrea and took some video of her on the hunt.  Here’s a frame grab:

Andrea Dec

Andrea Dec

Divers reported skates, pollack, rays and, of course, “those things with too many legs” (according to The Captain).

We were happy to have the breeze but there was some current from the outgoing tide.  That meant Veronica had to jump into the ocean and really book it to retrieve an errant Sun Shower that fell overboard.  She had already been swimming so it wasn’t too much of a stretch.  I, however, had only managed a plunge and immediate exit.  57 degrees on the surface of the water and 100 degrees on my skin were too much of a mismatch.  I slathered SPF 30 for the ride back to the marina.

Hot hike up the steep ramp, but who’s complaining?  It’s summer!

Good time with nice people.


One Response to “Hot But Breezy”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Yup, another great day! Aren’t we the lucky ducks!

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