Florida without the Plane Ticket

That’s how a local weatherman described what was in store for us this weekend.  There was considerable fog this morning, and the wind was going to be from the south.  Jim Castelli joined us for lively conversation.  We decided to go north and get more video footage.

The conditions looked perfect on the west wall of Folly Cove.  All the rain from last week had made the visibility poor and it was dead low tide as well.  I wasn’t expecting much and was pleasantly surprised when the water seemed warm.

The Captain directed Pete, LD and me to set up a shot with LD hunting and Pete advancing on the scooter and passing me.  Here’s a frame grab from part of what I shot:

LD at Folly Cove Wall

LD at Folly Cove Wall

Pete reported the water was 57 degrees.  LD hit 55 feet after he left us and said the visibility wasn’t much better there, but the temperature was the same.

For our second site, we went around the corner to Lanesville Shores, near Tide Rock.  We let a local lobsterman on a white boat called Pisces haul his line of pots before we suited up.  He seemed nice and reset the line very quickly.  Underwater, I could see he’d baited his traps with fish carcasses instead of bait bags.  Maybe that’s why it was so quick.

LD saw a torpedo ray swimming, but let it go without following.  He thought it might have been the same one we saw last Saturday inside Folly Cove.  It wasn’t a huge one, but it wasn’t small either.  What luck!

Here’s a frame grab of Alan Hicks from Lanesville Shores:

Alan Hicks at Lanesville Shores

Alan Hicks at Lanesville Shores

The water seemed colder here and the visibility varied from 10 to 15 feet.  I saw rays, flounder, and herds of small fish today at both sites.  Maybe they find the runoff tasty.

The ocean was empty today with most people opting for land-based activities when the rain and fog appeared.  The ramp was almost flat for the gear’s return to the parking lot.

Good times with good people.

One Response to “Florida without the Plane Ticket”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Yes, this weekend was beautiful weather. I was trying to guess where you guys might go judging by the south east wind. I guessed right! up north to lanesville!

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