The Place to Be

Another hot, humid, breezy day for the north side of Cape Ann.  Today we saw several other dive boats scattered across Folly Cove.  I guess we all agreed that the south side was messy. We had JK and LD today with Pete, The Captain and me.  The best anchorage looked to be in the wind shade of the point on the west wall of Folly.  JK said she’d never been here and I was happy it was so spectacular underwater.

The temperature was in 57 degrees on the surface and, according to Pete, 55 at 50 feet.

I saw scads (that’s a technical term) of fish of all sizes.  Many were curious about my camera and came up to its lens to investigate as I set up a shot under a ledge.  I totally zoned out watching them buzz in and zoom out again.  So much so, that I forgot to turn on the camera.  Dang!

Luckily, I noticed that the red rec indicator wasn’t on when I picked up the thing and was able to redo the episode.  Of course, the main actors weren’t as cooperative this time and not as many trooped up the to lens to see themselves.

For our second dive, we moved west along Lanesville shores to a site where Johnny Mack finally got it all together.  He was a student of Pete’s who just couldn’t combine all the tasks of mask clearing, ear clearing, with just having fun until he made a dive at this site.  It was a memorable place as a result.  We hadn’t been there in many years.

Here’s a frame grab of JK from the dive:

JK at Lanesville

JK at Lanesville

The hunters got lucky at both places.   Good thing, because we need food for Pete’s July 4th celebration.

Oh, well.  Back to work to tomorrow.

One Response to “The Place to Be”

  1. Veronica Says:

    LD was probably happy he could find lobsters!

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