Not a Breath

It was pretty hot today.  We’d come to the deeper part of Folly Cove at JK’s request.  She, Andy, Sandy Miller, Ilya Taytslin and LD were onboard with Pete, The Captain and me.  There was barely a breeze and Pete counted 19 boats in the cove between dives.

I was trying out my wetsuit again.  It was just too hot to climb into my Atlan.  Its tight neck makes exiting it a strain, so I usually just leave it on between dives.  Not today.  It’d be like baking a chicken in a Dutch Oven.

My regular weight belt was too much for just a wetsuit.  I was wearing my Andros horsecollar inflatable in case of the excess weight.  It was inflated most of the time on the first dive.  For the second one, I wore my 15 pound tropical belt from the Florida Keys condo time.  It has a nice flexible rainbow webbing and the weights are held in place with plastic keepers, not nuts and bolts like my drysuit one.  Success!

We had fine swimming surface water in the 60s and 57 degrees at 60 feet, according to LD.  He saw one of these:


We talked about how a pout works on a little kid.  I think this picture from the interwebs shows it perfectly.

The trip back down the river was hot, and the beach at Wingaersheek was packed with pleasure boaters, cheek by jowl.  There wasn’t any space left against the sand for anyone to pull up and back in.

Then it was off to Pete’s for a cookout with lobsters galore.

Great good fun.

2 Responses to “Not a Breath”

  1. Veronica Says:

    That photo looks like me right now wishing I could be in the water right now!

  2. Patrick Garrett Says:

    Cece – Sounds like a nice way to beat the heat. Great capture. I’ve gotten really serious about photography but since I don’t dive never gotten into underwater.

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