Rockport’s East-Facing Coast

Sunday, July 7th was not as hot as it had been earlier in the weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t comfortable, but it was bearable.  I’d even covered the Sun Shower to keep it from overheating the water I depend on to cool off.

We had JK, Andy J., Sandy Miller, Linda Giles and Myanna on board with Pete, The Captain and me.  Everyone was fine with our first stop at Fisherman’s Canyon in Rockport.  This area has beautiful underwater geography and looked clear enough to be fun for everyone – hunters and sightsee-ers alike.

Although I didn’t personally witness it, there was an episode of a tank slipping out of someone’s hands and dropping out of sight followed by some emphatic words by the buddy of the tank wearer.  “Why didn’t you take out the weights?” was in there somewhere too, I understand.  First dive of the season syndrome was cited.

The second dive was close by – just north of  Granite Pier in “Smiling Fish Cove.”  The water was 35 feet deep and cold-ish on the bottom.  Some folk poked even further north towards the Yankee Clipper Inn.  Here’s a picture from our anchorage on a day we wouldn’t have been diving here:

Yankee Clipper Inn from the Ocean

Yankee Clipper Inn from the Ocean

We were glad to see that Linda and Myanna hadn’t forgotten their Oreo cookies.  They always share.

We were also happy to have Andy J.’s “ponchkees” (at least that’s how they sound to me).  They’re a light, plum jam-filled, Polish bakery item that he brings with him all the way from Worcester.

Great day with fun people.

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  1. Veronica Says:

    How cool. Lots of ladies today! 😉

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