Better Than Expected

The day started overcast with sprinkles in N. Attleboro and on Route 93 as our folks trekked north for the day.  We had LD, Mike and Diane Neas as well as Pete with The Captain and me.  There was a little chop and some chill in the air as we turned the corner into Folly Cove for a calm first site.  Diane and Mike are our daughter and son-in-law, so we didn’t want them to be too uncomfortable as we dived.

Just to keep everyone amused, LD brought one of two sea robins he saw back to the boat for everyone to admire.  I believe it looked something like this one I found on the internet:


LD especially likes the look of this fish and its bony “legs” that protrude from its pectoral fins.

Pete found the dead low tide water temperature to be 66 degrees.  No wonder I was so very comfortable in my wetsuit.  The incoming tide rolled seaweed, silt, debris and other stuff into my path and I thought it was from the hunters, roiling up the bottom.  Nope.  They assured me it was just the tide doing its thing.  Visibility varied from OK in the shallows to downright messy on the bottom.  I saw a fat flounder, resting on a rocky ledge.  There were many too small lobsters grubbing around in the weeds.

For our second place, I chose Lanesville Shores.  I anchored in about 25 feet of water and it turned out to be a magnificent, boulder-strewn stretch of shoreline.  I think I saw more fish here than were in Folly.  They were everywhere – shining their sides to the surface, pinging in and out of my line of sight, and generally being very photogenic.  So I set up my camera under a particularly attractive overhang and managed to get some to come right up to my mask for a look.

LD had lots of luck here, including two encounters with denizens who were too big to take.  He was kind enough to send the kids home with dinner.  They had brought fruit salad on ice and I munched on it all afternoon.

Great fun.

2 Responses to “Better Than Expected”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Wow. The water was pretty warm, eh? Sea robins are interesting!

    • LD Says:

      yes they are interesting and how strange when they are moving with
      their little fingers.
      I manage to capture one for a closer look at the surface and released soon after my curiosity was satisfied, however I did some research and I found some cooking recipes.

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