Hot Both Above and On Top of the Water

We had a full boat for a trip to somewhere cooler than the Cape Ann Marina where I had doused myself four times with the hose before we even left the dock.  Al Ferzoco, his daughter, Candace, her fiance, Will, and their friend Bob were on board as well as Laura Gallagher and Jennifer Entwhistle.  Everyone was eager to get wet.

I picked the north-facing side of Thacher Island for the potential of clear water and no current because Will and Candace were beginner scubas.  The breeze had picked up a little and it was pleasant at the Dead Light site.  Here’s what the island looks like as you approach from the south (picture from the internet):


It was even calmer than this photo shows today.  It was quiet once everyone was under, but the silence was broken as Candace surfaced to report she’d lost her fin on the ascent.  Luckily Laura and Jennifer were nearby and heard the cry.  Laura turned to survey the surface and saw the fin drifting gently towards Nova Scotia.  We agreed her timing was perfect because they were just ready to descend to look for it.

The reports from below were of yucky conditions – 5 feet of visibility with clouds of sea weeds swirling in the turn of the tide.  The surface was warm enough to swim comfortably.

We decided to move across the channel to the mouth of Loblolly Cove.  I pulled into the lee of the south edge for a calm anchorage and away from the stream of boat traffic that passes in front of the cove.  We were in about 30 feet of water.  I sat on the swim platform and felt warm currents intermingle with the colder ones as the tide swirled by.  The breeze died as billowing white clouds built overhead.

It didn’t actually rain at all, but there was a fresh cohort of little powerboats skittering towards home at the thought of lightening and rain.  To us, it was a welcome respite from the heat and sun.

Some hunters returned with dinner.  In addition to their successful catch, Will and Pete got up close and personal with a big, but agile, lobster.  They also reported lots of pollack.

The ride home along the back shore was easy because there was no chop to contend with.

The ramp was even flat.  WooHoo.

One Response to “Hot Both Above and On Top of the Water”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Sounds like it was a busy day. Yes, it was the triple “H”s weather day. hot, hazy and horredeous

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