Crystalline Eye

The hot weather finally left.  Today was crisp and clear and warm and lightly cloudy.  Above water in the low 80s.  In the 60s on the surface, but in the 50s below the thermocline at 15 feet.

We had Charley and Brenden G., Jim Castelli, Alan Hicks, and John M. aboard for a trip north.  First stop was the Lobster Pool restaurant’s “back yard” at Folly Cove.  Boulders, rusted iron chain and square-ish pieces of quarried granite litter the bottom here.  It must have been a busy loading dock for the nearby quarries.

I found a flounder on a rocky perch that was roughly parallel to my line of sight.  It didn’t mind a bubbly intrusion and let me peer closer and closer.  At last, I was as close to it as this picture I got from the internet:


The whole eye was iridescent and shimmery.  And, of course, un-blinking.

The dive was over too quick and we were off to Lanesville Shores for the second plunge.  Here I saw lots of little cunner, several skates, and more flounder.  Maybe they’re gathering in groups to make more flounder.  Maybe it’s their Comic-Con.  Or they’re all on vacation in beautiful Cape Ann water.

We enjoyed flat, calm seas with only an occasional rolling episode from passing Sunday Drivers.

I could eat the north end of a south-bound duck.  Where’s Veronica and all the legal treats?  Read all about it here.

One Response to “Crystalline Eye”

  1. Veronica Says:

    OMG Believe me.. I sooooooo wish I was there!!!!!!
    I love reading the blogs so I can live vicariously ;-p

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