Picture Perfect Day

Mike Wankum (WCVB’s weatherman) was right.  It was much cooler, dryer and brighter than we’d been seeing last week.  The rain did,  however, leave its calling cards – surge and sucky visibility.  But the water was WARM.  What a trade-off.

We had LD and Charley Gaylord as well as Pete, The Captain and me on board.  We drove north, over the top, and headed to Gully Cove in Rockport.  There were other divers getting ready on land as we anchored in about 30 feet.  There were at least two groups of 15 kayakers coming and going by our stern on their way from Rockport Harbor to the outer eastern edge of Straitsmouth Island and back.

I saw many medium sized cunner with white chins.  They were curious about my camera and its mechanical sounds I think.  Here’s a frame grab of me as I placed the camera for a swim-over shot:


You wouldn’t be happy to see all the floating sea weed and kelp shards  if I had turned the camera around.

We made the second dive on the other side of the rocky point, nearer to Old Garden Beach.  It was only 5-10 feet of visibility here, but I was able to swim up into the shallows to get out of the surge.

It was a comfortable and cool voyage with lots of sun for company.  Now, if the water were only clearer, it would have been an underwater picture perfect day too.

One Response to “Picture Perfect Day”

  1. Veronica Says:

    It was a perfect beach day if nothing else. Cool, sunny with a wind.

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