Home of The Big MaMoo

We had Linda Giles and Myanna plus Alex Shure with us today.  We wanted beauty, calm and warm water, with no surge or floating red sea weed to obscure the hiding places of prey.  Of course.  No problem.

Given the wind, we probably could have dived anywhere on the cape, but, after driving around to look, we decided Stone Garage and the Back Shore would offer the best conditions.

The first site was between Brace Cove and stoney Grapevine Road beach.  We call it Stone Garage because we can see a former boat house (or rum-runners’ landing) carved out of the sold granite from the ocean.  I anchor in about 25 feet of water right in front of it.

The reports were of good (but not great) visibility and warm enough water.  The Captain and Alex were video-ing and macro photographing, respectively.  Linda and Myanna found dinner, as did Pete.  I watched the wind swing from northwest to southwest, as predicted by www.wunderground.com  There wasn’t as much huge kelp at this place as there has been in the past.

For the second site, I moved us around the point to the flagpole in front of the Atlantis Oceanfront Inn.   See the flagpole in this picture?


Well, I anchored just about where this picture was taken from, in about 25 feet of water.

Happily, the big fellas hang out here.  Linda and Myanna found a “too big to take” male with a “harem” of similarly sized females under the same boulder.  I videoed one who was just chillin’ and his crusher claw was bigger than my hand.

Unhappily, the water was much colder here although the visibility was much better (over 30 feet).

We didn’t stay as long, but I was thrilled to see two more juvenile black sea bass.  Just like yesterday’s report from LD explained, these were posturing and posing in either a threat or a display mode.  Who knows?

I got three Oreo cookies for the ride home.

Who could ask for more?

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