The Corner

I think we turned it today.  The water in Folly Cove was COLD – in the low 60s on the bottom.  It’s like I rounded an August weekend’s corner and Floop!, we’re on the slippery slope to fall.

We had a full boat with beginners from Pauline at Diver Jim‘s in Belmont.  Pete is their instructor.  We also had Alex F. and his crew, some of whom were new divers. The west wall at Folly seemed the best place for this mixed bag of scubas.  Everyone eventually got to the bottom of the downline and had a mask that sealed and a weight belt that fit.

I went off with my camera to film whatever would stand still long enough for me to focus on it.  In this case, it was another juvenile black sea bass.  This one wasn’t as cooperative and photo-savy as the one LD shot last weekend.  It was skittish and not sure whether it should pose or flee.

On the second dive, I found Alex, Will and Bob deciding that Will would guide them on this trip:


Here Alex is urging Will (his future son-in-law) to lead the way.  Will is the one with the angel white fins.

We felt the visibility was very good at about  15-20 feet.  The air was certainly warm enough in the low 80s sheltered from the northwesterly breeze.  It was much colder than that out on Essex Bay on our way home.

I docked the boat in a “reverse wind” with a little  help from my friends.

The ramp was flat for the homeward schlep of gear.

It’s too early for it to be fall.  Right?

One Response to “The Corner”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Oh no! Don’t say the “F” word (FALL) yet!

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