Smelling the Roses

I had to dig out my anorak this morning because it was 59 degrees for our drive around.  The crispness of the day started with coffee and a corn muffin at Magnolia’s Grey Beach.

We had Dennis, Bob, Pete’s students and Jim Castelli with us today.  The predicted southwest wind didn’t materialize.  It was from the northwest, so I aimed for the flagpole at the Atlantis Oceanside Inn for the first dive.  Pete set the anchor in 26 feet and we started to notice the long, slow swells from the southeast.  Nothing too bad, but it would make the water surge-y.

The Captain videoed Dennis and Bob as they surveyed the lobster scene:


They were successful and I could hear them commenting on their surface swim back to the boat about the too-big one that had surprised them by scooting away so quickly.  Pete said the water temperature was a good five degrees warmer than it had been yesterday at Folly.

For the second dive, we aimed west and I could smell the roses from the land as we anchored at Stone Garage.  Here is where Pete and the students made their last training dive and they performed their weight belt ditch exercise to remind them how good it feels to drop the weight.  There are now three new Dive Patrol scuba divers in the world.  Congratulations to Andre, Anna, and Laurie!

Visibility was so-so and there was surge again, according to Jim.  But I relished the roses’ fragrance until the wind shifted (surprise) to the southwest.  Now it was crisp and cool because it was from the ocean, not the land.

We drove home into the sun and coolness.  There were shimmering spots on the ocean surface where the ripples caught the sun and reflected it – a sure sign of a low sun in the west.

One Response to “Smelling the Roses”

  1. Diane Neas Says:

    looks like it was a great day to smell the Rose’s!

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