USF New Hampshire and Kettle Island

We had fun, fun, fun today.  Linda and Kerry Hurd with their friend, Cindy, plus Kevin and Linsley Mordasky and Jim Castelli were ready for anything.  The predicted northeast breeze aimed us south.  The wreck of the USF New Hampshire had Kerry’s blessing, so that’s where we headed.

The water was ebbing and seemed colder today that usual.  Kerry recorded 50 degrees and visibility of about 10 – 15 feet.  He also ran into a juvenile black sea bass with aspirations for a movie career.  Seems like this year they are more prevalent than ever before.  As a refreshment, Linda’s pineapple chunk snacks were luscious.

Cindy had fun looking for treasure:


For the second dive, we chose the southwest corner of Kettle Island, because the wind had shifted to south east.  It was calm and flat and an easy place to use my wetsuit for the last time this season.  The cold stream gushing down my spine as I entered the water was enough to convince me that its time had come and gone.

We saw many too-big lobsters and learned that striped bass had circled Cindy in the shallows.  She noted that one had a heart-beat pattern instead of stripes on its side and it was the leader of the pack.  Her veges and dip contribution to post-dive munchies was consumed by everyone and, surprise, we all had room for brownies.

These guys are all a class act.

One Response to “USF New Hampshire and Kettle Island”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Yup, they are all a class act! 🙂

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