Clear Air and Cool Breeze

Channel 5’s Harvey Leonard predicted that the weather would be perfect for this weekend.  He nailed it.  Thank goodness because we had a full boat with Tom and Catie Childress, Charley and Brendan Gaylord, Alan Hicks, and LD all cursing the steep ramp as we loaded up the boat.

Because Catie was with us, we made the first dive off the southwest corner of Graves Island at the wreck of the USF New Hampshire, one of her favorite places, she said.  She’s off to Lesley University in a few weeks, so she and her dad, Tom, were enjoying the last few moments of summer underwater.

Here’s what it looks like from the air:


The divers found a too-big lobster, molten copper shards, curly nails and a mysterious roundish black object.  It was too big to be a cannon ball and too light as well.

For the second site, I chose the west side of Kettle Island in about 25 feet of water.  Visibility here wasn’t very good (10-15 feet), but there were lots of lobsters everywhere.  I saw a very big skate, but it saw me too and took off.

We tore through the cookies that Tom and Catie donated and were happy to have them – both the people and the cookies, that is.

As payment for the tough ramp as we loaded, the unloading one was f-l-a-t.  We saw lots of cars and folk milling about during the final hours of the Bluefin Blowout at the Cape Ann Marina.  Let’s hope it’s a success for them.

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