Folly Cove East and West

The weather was going to be perfect.  We could probably have gone anywhere, but the consensus was to the “front yard” of the Lobster Pool Restaurant on the east side of Folly Cove for the first dive.  The divers were Tom and Catie Childress, Jim Castelli, JK and Sandy Miller.

We were joined by Pat and Patti Scalli on their boat, Mary Anna.  Rafting up was a learning experience because of the passing boat traffic.  Nevertheless, it was fun to have another Sisu to examine.

The divers reported so-so visibility and not as cold as yesterday water.  I’d place that at 10 feet and low 60s.

For the second site, we decided to use the deep water at Folly Cove’s point.  It’s on the west wall, towards the open ocean.  It gets to 70 feet it you head east from here, but the boulders and notches are beautiful if you go west, with the sun on your left shoulder.

Here’s a picture of Sandy following that track:


I found some cunner gathering in groups and it was fun to have them keep returning to examine my camera’s lens after they’d scattered when I exhaled.

I put air into my drysuit as I followed some trenches and marveled at the sheer wall soaring above me some 30 feet.  Because of the gloom and cold, I didn’t stay long down there.

Our ride home was into the warm sun and I kept thinking, “How long will this weather hold?”  Let’s hope until after next weekend’s three-day Labor Day holiday.

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