Folly Point and LD’s Mountain

It was only supposed to be a 30% chance of rain today.  Yeah.  Right.  About 30% of me didn’t get rained on is more accurate.  But it was a warm summer shower and not a downpour (after 7 AM, that is).  Charley Gaylord and his son Brendan were coming down from Newburyport and were up for anything as was LD.

We avoided the schooner fest area in Gloucester Harbor by going up the Annisquam to Essex Bay.  It was almost deserted.  The Captain decided we wouldn’t bounce around at Folly Point, so we dropped anchor in about 20 feet near the last exposed pieces of rock on the west wall.

My first dive was mostly exploration because I hadn’t been here in several years.  The big jumble of rocks wasn’t as steep as farther into the cove.  The fish were very curious and I was able to attract several by just fussing with the downline in a rocky hole that had trapped it.  In the course of freeing it, I whacked it against rocks and raised a cloud of dust that had fish around me in a cloud.

Maybe the noise attracts them, so I set the camera down in a steady position and proceeded to tap the rock with a stone.  Sure enough, they arrived for dinner like puppies.  Some lined up and others shot in for a quick peek.  All were cunners or perch.

The water was in the mid 60’s and I wasn’t getting cold at all.

For the second dive, LD recommended a large rock he’d discovered just a little ways further out to sea.  Typical LD exploring just a little deeper/further/longer away from everyone else.

We all stayed together as he unerringly led us to a huge glacial erratic? in 60 feet or so.  It had a sheer wall and here’s Charley swimming along a notch in it:


The hunters were successful and so was the videographer, so I can confidently say that a good time was had by all.

I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.


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