Open-faced Sunshine Sandwich

Just like yesterday, but with fog to start.  JK and Jim Castelli were with us for a trip that might not even happen.  The rain had pretty much stopped by the time we were ready to leave the marina.  South-facing coast had a thick soup of fog and we passed a long line of boats heading into it from up the Annisquam.  I think the leader had Radar and was leading them back to Salem, MA.

Our trip up towards Essex Bay was easy because it just kept clearing.  We watched rain clouds mass off the cape towards the northeast, but as we anchored near the Lobster Pool Restaurant the sun broke through.  And it got HOT!

I saw a red sculpin and lots of huge boulders.  JK got to 50 feet and saw a fish that might have been a cod.

The second dive was over at the west wall and we planned to shoot video.  Here’s a frame grab from my camera as The Captain hands me his to check:


The water was cold at 30 feet, but clear.

We didn’t find any fish at all, but JK saw a crab scratching its back on a rock.  Seems like we see them doing that a lot now that we’ve seen it happen once.

The trip back was through sprinkles and showers, but nobody was out except SUPers and kayakers and a very few fishermen.

It was a great weekend, even with the patchwork quilt of weather conditions.

3 Responses to “Open-faced Sunshine Sandwich”

  1. Jacki Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Love your report! Just a couple of minor corrections.

    I think the fish I saw was a haddock. Lots of pectoral fins, rounded snout, gray.

    Also, the crab was using a clam shell to scratch itself, not a rock.

    And I also saw a pink telia anenome!

    Have a great week.


  2. Veronica Says:

    I was wondering if you got out since the weather was funky. One minute hot as hell then next thunder storms.glad you made it out.
    The NBPT news said there has been a lot of squid activity.Keep your eyes peeled!

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