Another perfect late summer day found us at Folly Point for both dives.  The water was warm-ish on the surface, but the golden fuzz factor was still in charge.  Visibility was 5 feet or so in the shallows with lots of floating debris.

We had Charley and Brendan Gaylord, JK and Sandy Miller, Jim Castelli and LD on board and all were ready to try to find LD’s Mountain or cunner converging on a rock-tapping scuba.

Here’s a frame grab of Sandy collecting fishy visitors due to her stellar stone-tapping technique:



Deeper was certainly colder, but visibility didn’t improve with depth.  It was still 10 -15 feet at the best.

I made the second dive with the second 1/2 of my “little bomb” tank.  1200 psi of air was enough to try another direction in search of interesting sea life.  

Sandy reported finding a cluster of several hundred cunner and “the biggest flounder I’ve ever seen” along the rocky shoreline towards the cove.

The easy trip home had the sea in front of the boat sparkling from the low sun.  LD reminded me we’d seen a mola mola in the area right off Lane’s Cove last weekend and I’d forgotten to mention it in my trip report.

Fun day with nice people.

One of the very last crumbs in the summer’s chocolate chip cookie bag.  

2 Responses to “Fabuloso”

  1. Alan Hicks Says:

    A near-perfect late summer day. Would like to have been there, but sneezing into my mask wouldn’t have been much fun!

  2. Veronica Says:

    I kind of thought you might have seen a mola mola since they were reported off of Salisbury and plum Island

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